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Boss We Have A Problem - Professional Data Recovery Solutions

When the telephones are ringing off the hook, the angry faxes keep stacking up and worst of all, upset customers start going somewhere else, management has to face facts. The data is missing and it isn't coming back. It's time to get expert help. When literally everything else has failed to put essential data back on the screen, specialist companies get involved.

In the data recovery business, there is often little difference between 'good' and 'fast'. Whether it is medical records or accounts receivable, if personnel cannot look up critical data, a business or institution can come to a sudden halt. The statistics about the damage that data loss does to a business are frightening. And the longer the data is gone, the worse the damage gets. That's why managers should recognize and evaluate data loss situations quickly and accurately. In three cases out of four, data can be recovered.

Sometimes calling a data recovery specialist is the obvious decision, as when smoke or water has damaged the media, or the hard drive has sustained a power surge or physical shock. But sometimes the mechanical symptoms are less apparent, or faulty software or viruses have caused the damage. Tweaking the hardware or running the same commercial software recovery program over and over simply wastes valuable time.

Whatever the source of the damage, qualified professionals can either recover the data or notify management that it is time to start rebuilding the data from scratch. Either way, people can get back to work.

Darryl Peddle
Business Development
New York Data Recovery

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