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Database Recovery Services

At New York Data Recovery we are experts in recovering data from failed or corrupt database files and servers. Whether your problem is a result of physical drive failure, improper software configuration, or human error our specialized engineers can help recover your mission critical data. With more than 20 years of professional data recovery experience, you can feel confident that your data is in the hands of the experts.

For immediate data recovery assistance or to ask questions about our free data recovery evaluation, please call us:

Send in your media for an immediate no cost service evaluation. Our data recovery service engineers will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine the integrity level of the data in question. Whether you are suffering data loss from a hardware ot device failure, or a logical software problem, our engineers have the experience and expertise to meet your recovery needs.

Once we have determined the problems associated with your system you will receive a written quotation for the total cost of the recovery. The quoatation will outline what needs to be done and will tell you the problem(s) we found during the evaluation. The full data recovery process will be complete within 24-72 hours.

At New York Data Recovery we offer a "No Data, No Charge Guarantee". This gives you the flexibility you need to determine the right financial decision for your company. You only pay if the recovery is successful.

Common database systems we recover data for include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Servers

  • Oracle Databases

  • SQL Server

  • Access, Mysql, and other client database file types

  • We are operating system independent, therefore we can work on all file type on any operating systems. We go below the operating system and work on the ones and zeros.

Common database recovery projects we face on a daily basis:

  • Overwritten database files
  • Damaged files and folder structure
  • Permission based failures and lost passwords
  • Backup or system restoration failure
  • Accidentally deleted records
  • Virus corruption and data integrity loss
  • Accidently deleted tables
  • Server crash or physical drive failure
  • Offsite backup failure
  • Locked database files preventing data access
  • Disk surface contamination preventing start up.
  • Water or fire damage
  • Server crash
  • Inaccessible drive or partition
  • File corruption
  • Data forensics and investigative services due to employee sabotage

For more information about our data recovery process please visit our data recovery process page or contact us to speak with a data recovery care representative.

For more information about our data recovery services please visit our data recovery services page

Or call us anytime 24 hours day, 365 days a year at: 1-844-316-8131

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