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CD Optical Data Recovery Services

At New York Data Recovery you can feel confident that your cd, dvd or other optical data will be recovered. Our data recovery experts have 10 years of professional data restoration experience and our class 100 static free clean room facilities ensure that your media is secure and particle free.

For immediate assistance for your failed optical disk or to ask questions about our data recovery services, please call us toll free:

Please do not attempt to try your cd, dvd or related media in any player if the disk is failing to read on your pc. The more you try to combat the problem on your own using multiple cd drives, dvd devices, and related optical playback devices, the more damage you apply to the cd track. By sending your media to our secure lab facility you will receive a no charge evaluation to determine the exact problem with your optical media, along with a firm quote for the data recovery cost. Find out what the problem(s) are before making any financial decision.

Finally, our No Data, No Charge guarantee gives you the flexibility you need to determine the right financial decision for your company. You only pay if the recovery is successful. There are no set up fees and no risk to you whatsoever.

Common opticals we are able to recover data from:

  • Compact Discs (CDs)
  • Multi-session Discs
  • Digital Video Discs (DVD)
  • CD Re-Writable Discs
  • DVD Re-Writable Discs
  • Mini Discs
  • Optical Jukeboxes
  • And all other optical media devices

Common optical data recovery projects:

  • Deleted or Corrupt Files & Folders
  • Multi-session CD overwrites
  • Overwritten disc or file recovery
  • DVD file and folder recovery
  • Digital audio and video file recovery
  • Office file recovery for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Outlook
  • Stratched, stained, or physically damages discs
  • Computer unable to access cd or dvd device
  • Optical jukebox failure
  • Failed cd backups
  • Formatted discs
  • Database File Recovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Email Recovery & Restoration
  • Disc recognition failures

For more information about our data recovery process please visit our data recovery process page or contact us to speak with a data recovery care representative.

For more information about our data recovery services please visit our data recovery services page

Or call us toll free anytime 24 hours day, 365 days a year at: 1.888.481.9501

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