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Solving The Data Loss Mystery

Data loss is one of computing's most misunderstood concepts. A user is suddenly unable to access information and is suspended in a state of confusion and panic, wondering, where their data went, and what to do to get it back? What caused the data loss? What could have been done to prevent it? By examining data loss causes, technicians can offer prevention tips, and give users the information they need to adequately minimize the chances of data loss.

What Is Data Loss?
Lost data is data that has become inaccessible to the user. Confusion arises because the industry often presents "lost data" as data that has been permanently destroyed, with no hope for recovery. In reality, findings reveal approximately 85 per cent of lost data can be retrieved. While data may be inaccessible to users, experts are able to recover it using the proper techniques and tools. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of data have been lost simply because users were not aware of their options and gave up hope of recovery. Despite technological advances in the reliability of magnetic storage media, the incidence of data loss continues to rise. Data storage remains a fragile science, and data's susceptibility to damage from both natural and human sources remains high.

Here are some data protection tips:
  • Have a "fire drill." Back up data and test restore capabilities on a regular basis.
  • Keep your computer in a dry, controlled environment.
  • Only entrust your data to someone who has the training to properly maintain/repair it.
  • Use diagnostic/repair utilities with caution.
  • Use anti-virus software and update it as frequently as possible.
  • Check all incoming diskettes for viruses.
  • Immediately turn off your computer if it begins making an unusual noise. Further operation may damage it beyond repair.
If you have lost data or your drive fails, contact New York Data Recovery They are a leading provider of emergency computer data recovery services for clients experiencing data loss due to hardware failure, natural disaster or software corruption. With more than 10 years experience, New York Data Recovery offers data recovery services throughout north america with its network of labs, offices and authorized partners.

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Business Development
New York Data Recovery

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