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Tape Library & Individual Cartridge Recovery

Tape recovery specialists for all tape media including: DLT, LTO, AIT & DAT cartridges. New York Data Recovery is hands down the industry leader in tape recovery services. These projects are often highly complex and require the attention of a tape specific specialist. There really are only a handful of true tape recovery specialists. In fact, many of our competitors recognize how taleneted our tape recovery team is and will send their projects to us for a full recovery.

For immediate tape recovery assistance or to ask questions about our specialized tape evaluation procedure, please call us:

Once we have received your tape library or cartridge it will immediately go into our secure lab facility for a full diagnostic data recovery evaluation. This process typically takes 4-6 hours from the time the tapes arrive to our secure lab. Highly sensitive or complex projects may take a little lit longer. Call our data recovery client care team for more detailed information.

Once we have determined the problems associated with your system you will receive a written quotation for the total cost of the tape recovery. The quoatation will outline what needs to be done and will tell you the problem(s) we found during the evaluation. Upon your approval our tape specialists will proceed with the full data recovery process.

At New York Data Recovery we offer a "No Data, No Charge Guarantee". This gives you the flexibility you need to determine the right financial decision for your company. You only pay if the recovery is successful.

Common tape formats we have extensive data recovery experience with:

  • Tape library systems
  • 4mm tapes, 8mm tape cartridges
  • DLT tape cartridges and libraries
  • Reel to reel data tapes
  • DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4 tapes
  • DAT tapes
  • LTO tapes
  • 9 track tapes
  • 1/2", 1/4" tape reels and cartridges
  • Sony AIT tapes
  • Onstream tapes
  • QIC mini cartridge tapes
  • Travan tapes
  • And all other tape cartridges and library based systems

Common tape cartridge and library system failures:

  • Physically damaged tapes
  • Tapes suffering from water, fire, or smoke damage
  • Broken tape cartridges
  • Stained or wrinkled tapes
  • Overwritten tapes
  • Failed tape backups
  • Intentionally damaged tapes or sabotage

For more information about our data recovery process please visit our data recovery process page or contact us to speak with a data recovery care representative.

For more information about our data recovery services please visit our data recovery services page

Or call us anytime 24 hours day, 365 days a year at: 1-844-316-8131

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